Kesäkuun jäsenuutisia

Kansainvälisen liiton kesäkuun jäsenkirjeessä kerrotaan mm. raporteista, jotka koskevat räjähdysaseita sekä oikeutta terveyteen, koulutukseen ja asianmukaiseen asuntoon, tulossa olevasta YK:n ihmisoikeusneuvoston kokouksesta, syyrialaisten naisaktivistien tulosta Geneveen sekä bosnialaisten ja ukrainalaisten aktivistien välisestä vuoropuhelusta.
Saat lisää tietoa tilaamalla jatkossa jäsenkirjeen tästä suoraan itsellesi.

New reports on Explosive Weapons and the Right to Health, Education and Adequate Housing released

WILPF has issued reports on ”Explosive Weapons and the Right to Health, Education and Adequate Housing: Extraterritorial Obligations of France, Sweden and the UK under CESCR”. WILPF tackles the transfers of explosive weapons from these countries to Yemen and Saudi Arabia. These reports have been communicated to the Committee for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights for the reviews of France, Sweden and the United-Kingdom, happening in June 2016.

Statements and side events during the 32nd session of the Human Rights Council

The 32nd session of the Human Rights Council is coming up. WILPF is organising two side event and will be releasing 5-6 statements. Please keep an eye on our website to read the statements as they are published.

A delegation of Syrian women activists is coming to Geneva!

The Crisis Response programme is hosting a delegation of Syrian women activists, from 13-17 June, as part of an advocacy follow-up activity for the Universal Periodic Review of Syria.

The delegation consists of four activists who participated among 10 organisations in drafting a UPR Summary Report on the disproportionate impact of the conflict on women and girls in Syria. This report will be released mid-June. During their stay in Geneva, the delegates will take part in a closed roundtable with member states, a side event at the Human Rights Council, and a public event in Geneva.

Solidarity Dialogue between Bosnian and Ukraine activists hosted by WILPF initiative

Gathering women’s organisations around peace and finding proper, functional and above all transformative ways of organising for change is a growing and learning process, one that can and should be informed by variety of experiences, from Ukraine, Syria, Bosnia, South Africa, Columbia and so forth. In line with that the WILPF led initiative Women Organising for Change in Syria and Bosnia and Herzegovina is hosting yet another solidarity dialogue. This time activists from Ukraine are coming to Bosnia to engage in a solidarity dialogue with the Bosnian activists in order to put the experiences of Ukrainian women activists in a perspective and open up a discussion on potential development strategies with regards to movement building and peace building through the lenses of the Bosnian experience. The solidarity dialogue will take place between 7 and 9 June 2016 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.