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Kansainvälisen liittomme oheisessa lokakuun uutiskirjeessä kerrotaan mm. WILPFin Kamerunin ja Ruotsin osastojen kuulumisia. Varustaudutaan Pariisin ilmastokokoukseen ja kerrotaan Wilpfin osuudesta New Yorkissa pidetyn turvallisuusneuvoston 15-vuotisjuhlakokouksesta, joka koski päätöslauselma 1325:ta. Tilaa jatkossa jäsenkirje tästä suoraan itsellesi.

Welcome to this month’s issue of WILPF Membership News. This newsletter features the work of WILPF Sections, Groups, Branches and members, as well as the work of the International Secretariat.

Update on great work done by WILPF Cameroon

Latest news on lobby and advocacy for 1325 NAP in Cameroon

On Monday, 31 August 2015, the president of WILPF Cameroon and the Director of Social Promotion (in the Ministry of Women Empowerment and Family) held a meeting to discuss strategies to boost the 1325 NAP process in Cameroon.

Implementation of ATT project

The project of reducing GBV through popularisation of the ATT and the UNPoA is going on, involving more actors who are likely to advocate for ratification of the treaty and contribute to effectively reduce women suffering. After the CSP 1, WILPF Cameroon organised a workshop to inform the civil society and the government officials in the East region on the ATT and the UNPoA. Prior to that event, WILPF Cameroon participated at the capacity building meeting on the ATT during the first Conference of States Parties (CPS1) in Cancun, México, on 24-27 August 2015, with the support of WILPF International and WILPF Sweden.

Celebration of the International Peace Day

WILPF Cameroon visited the refugee site of Gado, on September 21, to provide moral support to refugees. The theme of the day, enabled everyone to remember that refugees and other people have the right to a peaceful life, and being in a site does not mean they should stop working for peace. WILPF Cameroon recommended that the refugees collaborate among themselves, with the humanitarian organisations on the site, and government officials who visit them to promote peace.

Immediate plans
• Planning a strategy meeting on the second week of October with identified women’s organisations to discuss adequate strategies to follow the lobby and advocacy for 1325 NAP;
• Starting a media campaign of “STOP TOY GUNS!” as suggested in Cancun during the presentation of WILPF Cameroon’s work on the ATT project.

Get involved with COP21

From November 30th to December 11th, France will be hosting the 21st Session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP21/CMP11) in Paris.

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges Humanity is facing with.

Aware of this challenge, WILPF Centennial Congress approved the resolution ”Climate change, environmental justice and peace”.

WILPF is working in many fields with UN, NGOs and other civil society networks to make this Conference reach its goals and be a success.

WILPF, as a united body with many sections, aims to prepare actions on a variety of concerns linked to Climate change, in partnership with some other NGOs members of Coalition Climate 21.

Fossil fuels, civilian and military nuclear matters, environmental and social justice, climate refugees, indigenous people, gender equality, all of these topics could be carried out by WILPF for the COP 21.

WILPF wishes to use COP21 as an opportunity to support its civil society networks, enrich its working group on environment, strengthen WILPF sections cooperation, engage Young WILPF in the summit’s activities and attract new members.

Are you interested in getting involved with WILPF activities around COP21?

Please contact Heidi Meinzolt: heidi(at)

Upcoming events in New York for the High-Level Review

This month the Security Council High-Level Review of Women, Peace and Security is taking place in New York to assess 15 years of progress on the UNSCR 1325 Agenda.

Our PeaceWomen team in New York has many events lined up throughout the month.

WILPF Sweden welcomes new Secretary General

As of October, Malin Nilsson is assuming the post of Secretary General of WILPF Sweden. Malin is 31 years old and has a background in Peace and Conflict Studies, Southeast Asia Studies and Civil-military leadership. She has previously held the post of President of the Swedish section, but began her career in WILPF back in 2008 when she was an intern at the office in Geneva.

“WILPF stands for a unique perspective in the security policy debate, and one of our most important tasks is to continue to challenge the idea of what security is and how it is achieved,”
says Malin Nilsson.

“As President, I have had the privilege to work together with WILPF Sweden’s board, local groups and members to develop our policies and our organisation. I now look forward to continuing this work together with the Swedish secretariat and I am incredibly proud to represent WILPF in this new capacity.”

Congratulations Malin!

Contact Malin Nilsson: malin.nilsson(at)

Report from WILPF Sweden conference and congress

Were you able to take part in WILPF’s 100th Anniversary conference in The Hague this April?

In case you missed it: Louise Ricknert from WILPF Sweden has written a report detailing all the discussions and topics raised.

Summaries from the ExCom meetings

In case you missed it, here are the links to the summaries from the past two ExCom meetings:

8th September 2015

19th September 2015 (Interim meeting)

You can also always contact ExCom directly by emailing 2excom(at)

Helen Kay to speak at Peace History Conference

On October 10 in Manchester, UK, Helen Kay of WILPF UK will be presenting a talk entitled ”Was your granny a dangerous woman?”

The talk will look at how, when, where and why the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom was formed.

Upcoming Events and Deadlines

5 – 23 October | High Level Review events | New York, USA
9 – 10 October | Peace History Conference | Manchester, UK
30 November – 11 December | COP21 | Paris, France