WILPF Palestiinan osaston jäsenet vierailevat tapaamassa Gazan sodan uhreja

Wilpf Palestine members Pay visits to the victims of GAZA war in Jerusalem hospitals
Doctors and aid agencies are trying to capitalize on a truce in Gaza to evacuate more wounded Palestinians for life-saving medical treatment in East Jerusalem, Israel, and Jordan.

More than 10,500 Palestinians were wounded during the latest war on Gaza, according to Gaza health officials. Thousands have been left traumatized by this war, as well as the numerous wars before it.
The outlook for the upcoming generation of young people in Gaza is daunting: a generation that will grow up to the sore site of broken infrastructure, as well as demolished religious, educational, and health institutions. Many of these children will grow up as orphans.

Ninety of some of the most serious cases have been evacuated through the Erez border crossing since the conflict began, the wounded had been sent to Jerusalem hospitals Israel and Jordan from an Israeli field hospital at Erez.

The Israeli blockade of Gaza in place for eight years limits the movement of all Palestinians in Gaza and completely restricts their usage of the Erez crossing normally.
WILPF Palestine Team pay visits to the patients and talk to their families , the testimonies showed outrages aggression executed by the IOF against innocent civilians especially among women and children .The IOF forces bombarded from the air, sea and land, Everything turned into destruction. People ran away to the schools, they bombed the schools.

Shireen Al Far member of WILPF Palestine – coordinator of young WILPF talked to the families and the difficulties they face. Major problem was highlighted among most of the families how to connect with their families in Gaza and the shortage of money and mobile cards to be able to connect.
Shireen with her colleagues in WILPF started a campaign through the social media demanding people to assist the injured and their families, fortunately her call was positively answered and many people contacted her to give help to the patients and their families especially those located in Saint Joseph Hospital ,and Al Maqased hospital, they bought food, sweets, new clothes, dolls and games for the children as well as mobile cards.

WILPF Palestine felt the responsibility to continue its mission of solidarity and support to the Palestinian Patients from Gaza by visiting them, writing their stories and sharing their pain until we see the smile of the children and the hope of their mothers.

There is really a big difference between reading this report and living the experience of talking to these families.. the words cannot express the real picture but only shed some light on the horrible reality..

Despite this pain and grave the eyes of the mothers and children were full of determination and hope that just and durable peace will flourish and independent state of Palestine will be established as our great poet Mahmoud Darwich said:
“On this Earth what makes life worth living
Mother of beginnings
Mother of endings
It used to be known as Palestine
It became known as Palestine “

Shireen AlFar- Coordinator of young WILPF