Allekirjoita juhlavuosilupaus

Kansainvälinen WILPF valmistautuu 100-vuotisjuhliinsa mm. keräämällä nimiä ympäri maailmaa oheiseen lupaukseen. Voit allekirjoittaa osoitteessa

Anniversary Pledge

  • We/I support women’s right to political, social, and economic participation and pledge to support Women’s Power to Stop War. Like the women in 1915, who came together from across the world to stop World War I,
  • We/I oppose the assumption that civilians, especially women, can be safe under the conditions of modern warfare, and believe that peace and security should be analyzed from a gender perspective.
  • We/I know the only sustainable protection is the prevention of armed conflict through dialogue, which addresses the root causes of conflict.
  • We/I call for global demilitarization built on the foundation of human rights, including complete disarmament, the implementation of the Women, Peace and Security Agenda, and the redirection of military expenditures to meet social and environmental needs.
  • We/I believe that by connecting women locally to globally in support of multilateralism and against patriarchy, we can build sustainable peace for all.
  • We/I hereby pledge to engage in the 100 year long struggle to demand Women’s Power to Stop War.